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FIMO Halloween Vampire Decoration

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FIMO Halloween Vampire Decoration

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FIMO Halloween Vampire Decoration

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this FIMO vampire Halloween decoration for spooking up your shelves - Make with the kids this Halloween.

Step 1

Firstly roll our a small ball of the Sahara FIMO and shape the edges so they are square like but rounded for the vamps head, then roll a small ball for his nose and place two tiny balls on his face for his eyes.

Step 2

Roll a small ball of the Sahara and flatten for his neck. Then taking the black FIMO make a Count Dracula hair style for him and place on his head as hair. Make two fangs out of white FIMO for his mouth. 

Step 3

Now make his body out of the white FIMO and attach his head to it, this shape needs to be triangular but still rounded with a flat bottom so he can sit on a flat surface. Attach two sausage shapes to his sides as arms and attach two small sahara FIMO balls as hands to the ends of his sleeves.

Step 4

Make two small holes in his body near the bottom at the front this is wear you will attach his legs. Cut about 5-6 cm of the lead cord and using the Fevi glue stick the ends of the cord in the holes you've made, now you need to make his shoes out of the black FIMO and again two holes need to be made in the top of each one and using the Fevi glue attach the other ends of the cord into those so the legs and feet dangle from the body. 

Step 5

Now make a small bat out of the black FIMO and attach the bat to his centre as if he was holding the creature. Now make the cape out of the black FIMO by creating a flat square shape and pull on the corners slightly to stretch them up for his collar and attach to the back.

Step 6

Place the whole ornament in the oven at 100 degrees for 30 mins until hardened, leave to cool and you are finished.