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Fimo Clown Fish

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Fimo Clown Fish

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Fimo Clown Fish

Difficulty: Expert


Make this clown fish with our Fimo polymer clay which is also a great project for the kids!


Step 1

Take 2 bars of red clay and 1 bar of yellow and mix to make orange.

Step 2

Take about 3/4 of your clay and roll into a ball. Shape the ball with your hands to pull out one end into a point. Continue shaping to make a teardrop shape.

Step 3

Place the teardrop shape down to create a flat side for your fish to sit on. Use a clay tool to cut a mouth shape and a tool with a ball-shaped end to gently press eye sockets.

Step 4

Put the main body aside and use the remainder of your clay to create two fins and a tail. Create them by rolling a ball then squashing it down, and pinch at one end. Create two small semi-circular top fins.

Step 5

Making sure your hands are clean, roll two small balls of white clay for eyes. Press these into the eye sockets you created earlier.

Step 6

 Roll out some white clay into a long, thin sausage shape. Position a piece around the top of each side fin, top fin and the tail. You may need to roll some more white clay if you don't have enough in your initial roll.

Step 7

Create a thinner roll of black clay and place in between the white and the orange on the tail, side fins and top fins. If both sides are visible you will need to add this to both sides of the fin. Flatten slightly with you finger so all the layers sit together.

Step 8

Use a clay tool to create lines on the fins and tail.

Step 9

Place the tail into position and roll another sausage of white clay. Wrap it around the join between the body and the tail. Repeat this process twice, wrapping white bands around the body to create the fish's markings.

Step 10

Roll thin sausages of black clay and wrap either side of the white bands you've just added to complete the markings.

Step 11

Position the fins and attach to the body. Make a small, fine roll of white clay and position at the top of the opening for the mouth.

Step 12

Bake in the oven following the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure this process is done by an adult or with adult supervision.

Step 13

Once cooled, use a brown and a black sharpie to create the eyes. Colour the bottom of the mouth with the black sharpie, and use a tipex pen to carefully add the white dots to the eyes.