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FIMO Clay Spider Ring

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Difficulty: Beginner


Designed and made by one of our designers in the blogging world, Hayley from Craftaholique. Learn how to create this statement spider ring from FIMO clay. 

If you want to check her blog out for more crafty pieces.

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Step 1

Starting with the spider, first of all, get out the clay you want to use and slice off enough to make the spider’s body. You’ll need approximately one “strip” per main body piece. I was going to make a cutesy spider with just one round body piece in the beginning, but I decided in the end to try to make one that’s slightly more realistic – so I made two.

Step 1

Step 2

For the legs, around half a strip should make two legs. I rolled out the shapes for the legs (four pieces in total which double up as two legs for either side of the spider) and stuck them on the underbelly of the spider’s body. Working with fimo clay is a little like working with Plasticine. It’s very firm, but is malleable when it gets warm. You can stick the parts together just like you do with Plasticine or play dough.

Step 1

Step 3

After the legs, I then stuck the other part of the spider’s body on, followed by the eyeballs which I made out of green fimo clay – only a tiny bit of clay is needed for these. Most spiders actually have eight eyes, so if you want to make it especially lifelike, you may want to make this number! Finally, I made two little arms for the front of the spider (the scientific name for these is the pedipalps)! 

Step 1

Step 4

Fimo clay needs to be baked in the oven at 110°C for 30 minutes for it to harden. So when you’re happy with your creation, do this! Once your spider has cooled, it should be hard enough to use as a jewellery component. Turn it carefully upside down and stick on the flat pad ring finding with superglue. You’re finished! 

Step 1