Filigree Gemstone Necklace |

Filigree Gemstone Necklace

Step 1

Cut an arm span of wire, thread a calotte and then a crimp bead onto one end, leaving a 3-inch tail.

Step 2

Pass the end of the wire back through the hole of the calotte, squash the crimp bead flat and cover the crimp with the calotte.

Step 3

String on your beads in the following order.

Agate = A
Goldstone = G
Petal = P
Filigree = F

A / G / A / G / A / P / G / P/ A / G / A / G / F / G / A / G / A / P / G / P / A / G / A / G.

Step 4

Use your pliers to carefully open the prong of the bail. Attach the shell pendant to the bail and close the lever. Thread the bail onto your wire.

Step 5

Continue to add beads, mirroring the first half you just made. Finish the end as you did in the beginning, making sure that you pull the wire so that the calotte sits flush to the beads and there are no gaps.

Step 6

Close the loops of the calottes if you haven't already. Open a pair of jumprings and attach the calottes to either side of the toggle clasp.