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'Filigree Gems' Rose Gold Lace Earrings

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X-Champagne Round 10mm Essential Shamballa Fashion Bead Pk3
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X-Rose Gold Plated Lace Effect Oval Filigree Connector 18x25mm Pk1
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Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these Rose Gold Lace Earrings using Swarovski Light Smoked Topaz Bicones, Champagne Shamballa Fashion Beads and Rose Gold Plated Filigree Oval Connectors.

Step 1

Link together an Oval Connector and the Ear Hook by opening the loop at the base of the Ear Hook. 

Step 2

Thread a bicone onto an eyepin then loop and trim close to the bead. 

Step 3

Attach another Oval Connector to the eyepin with the bicone. 
Next add a Shamballa Fashion Bead and another bicone onto a headpin then loop and trim.
Connect this headpin with beads on, onto the bottom connector to finish the earring.