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Filigree Drop Necklace

Information about project:

Filigree Drop Necklace

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this dainty and delightful Filigree Drop necklace combining subtle and sweet tones and a hint of Swarovski crystal. An essential for your Spring wardrobe.


Please note - A findings kit has been added to the 'Materials Needed' list, however you may already have these essentials in your stash.

Step 1

Using 5 eyepins, attach one faceted round bead, then trimp and loop. Attach these to a 13cm length of belcher chain. Attach these looped eyepins through both the end links, and at even spacing across the length of the chain.

Step 2

Cut 2 x 22cm lengths of thinner chain and attach these using jumprings, to the section of larger belcher chain. Finish the necklace base. Finish the necklace base with jumprings and a lobster clasp.

Step 3

Attach jumprings to the eyepin pieces we just added. Attach filigree drops in alternating colours. Attach a cord end, using a jumpring, to the centre 3 filigree drops.

Step 4

Take 10 x 7cm lengths of chain and tie in the middle using thread to secure. Glue the chain tassel into the cord end and allow to dry. Repeat this for all 3 cord ends.