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Festive Flower Bracelet

Information about project:

Festive Flower Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to create this festive bracelet using GemDuo's and seed beads - the perfect party look.

Step 1


  • sb - Seed bead.
  • gd - GemDuo.

Step 2

Cut roughly 60 cm of thread, if you have too little towards the end you can always add more. Now add a seed bead, gemduo, seed bead, gemduo, seed bead, gemduo and another seed bead and gemduo passing through your first seed bead to create a loop, you are now going to thread through your next gd and sb, sb, gd, sb, gd and pass through the second hole on the gd. Repeat this step missing out one lot of gd and sb and then repeat it agin until you have three of the flower shapes in a row. 

Step 3

Now pass down onto the last gd facing downwards and create another row using the technique in the last step and keep repeating until you have enough to fit around your wrist. 

Step 4

On the end you need to add six sb to the downwards facing gd and add the clasp, tie into place and add four sb threading through the middle gd and back out thread all four sb and through the clasp, now add another six sb and thread through the last gd and make small knots passing through a bead at a time to secure. Repeat this on the other end of the bracelet but add a jump ring instead so you can fasten the bracelet around your wrist.