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Festive Charm Bracelet

Step 1

Measure the length of chain for the size of your bracelet and remove a link to remove it from the 1m piece in your findings kit. Attach a lobster clasp to one end with a jumpring. Test the length on your wrist.

Step 2

The order of the charms and positioning can be altered to suit your liking. Attach 4 stars charms to a jumpring each, as well as your 2 pom poms and the deer. Insert the crystals into the settings and carefully close the prongs over the crystal to keep them secure. Lay out your chain in a circle and position the charms where you want them to go or to make this design we added the charms at these measurements along the chain.

1cm - star
3.5cm - crystal
5.5cm - star
7cm - pom pom
8.5cm - deer
11cm - crystal
12cm - star
14cm - pom pom
16cm - star