Feather Glam Earrings | Festival Jewellery 🌸

Information about this project

Difficulty: Beginner


Create a stunning pair of feathered earrings using large purple feather charms and brilliant silver hoops. This project is perfect for wearing to your next festival and matching with other feathered accessories!

Step 1

Take one of your silver hoop bases and carefully bend the open hook side open a little more so you can thread on your beads. 
Thread on one silver round bead. Attach a jumpring to one of your feather charms and thread this on after the bead. 
Thread on 2 more beads. 

Step 2

Cut a length of chain measuring approx. 5cm's. Attach one end to another feather charm using a jumpring and add another jumpring to the opposite end of the chain. 
Thread this onto your hoop after your beads. 
Thread on 2 more beads. 
Thread on a 3rd feather charm as you did with the first. 
Finish with one more silver bead. 

Step 3

Hook the side of the hoop base through the loop side to secure your earring hoop closed.
Close the open hook side as much as you can so that the beads will stay in place and it won't unhook itself. 

Step 4

Attach a jumpring to the top of a tassel charm and attach this to the top of your earring in the loop. (See image)
Finish your earring by attaching your earring base to the top of the hoop with 2 jumprings. 

Step 5

Repeat the process for your second earring.