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'Fea Elenath' Hairchain

Information about project:

'Fea Elenath' Hairchain

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Enchanting 'Fea Elenath' Hairchain using Hair Grips and Silver Plated Charms.

Step 1

Attach the star charm to a large jumpring. This is the centre of the hair chain

Then cut two strands of approx 12cm of chain and attach them to both sides of the  large jumpring using small jumprings.

Step 2

Now attach another small jumpring to the large one, in between the previous two small jumprings.

Again, attach 12cm of chain to this jumpring on both sides using another small jumpring.

Step 3

On both sides of the head chain, take the ends of the chain and thread them onto a large jumpring.

Step 4

Cut two strands of chain approx 3cm long and attach these to both end jumprings. Attach a leaf charm to the end of both of these strands.

Step 5

Slide hair grips onto the end jumprings.