Fan Tassel Necklace |

Fan Tassel Necklace

Step 1

Cut a length of chain 28 inches long. Attach your clasp to either end with a pair of jumprings.

Step 2

Attach two jumprings to the fan tassel charm. Find the centre of your chain and link each one onto the chain, so that you have two circles in between each jumpring.

Step 3

The spacing of the other charms is entirely up to you! We kept the design asymmetric. Along the right side we attached a feather charm 2 inches away from the centre tassel. Leave 1.5 inches, then attach your zodiac constellation charm.

Step 4

Leave another 1.5 inch of chain before adding your tassel, 2-inch gap then add your feather charm, ending with a 1-inch gap before another feather charm.

Step 5

On the opposite side leave a 3-inch gap and your crystal setting charm. Leave a 1.5-inch gap and add a feather charm. Then leave a 2-inch gap before adding a tassel. Finish by adding another feather charm1-inch from the tassel.

Step 6

Apply a drop of Gem-Tac glue to the crystal setting and set your crystal into place. Allow to dry for up to 24-hours before wearing your necklace.