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Fabulous Fans - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Information about project:

Fabulous Fans - Jewellery Making Tutorial

Designed by: Angela Buxton

Difficulty: Beginner


Talented friend of Beads Direct Angela Buxton was given a sneak preview of our fabulous New Surgical Steel Earring Bases and has created this lovely little tutorial for us to share with you. Make 2, attach to your favourite earring base and you're good to go! This design can easily be turned into a pendant by adding a jump ring and some chain too! The possibilities are endless! 

Materials needed in colours of your choice;

Silver coloured base - I love the shape of this base, it reminds me of art deco fans.

Size 15 seed beads

Size 11 seed beads

Thorn beads

3mm Pearl beads


Beading Thread - I recommend fireline for this project because of the metal edges on the base.


Step 1

Tie the thread to the first hole on the base. Add a needle and pass it up through the first hole. Add a size 15 seed bead and take the needle back down the same hole so it just sits in the hole. Pass the needle up through the 2nd hole add another  size 15 bead and pass down this hole. Repeat all along the base until it looks like photo number 4.

Step 1

Step 2

Next in between each size 15 add one size 11 seed bead. Position thread so it exits a size 15, add a size 11 and pass through the next size 15, continue along the base until it looks like photo 6.

Step 3

Now your thread is back at the beginning. Take the  needle up through the middle space in the base and add a pearl bead. You will need to take the needle and thread back through the gap and pearl again so it sits nicely. Add a row of alternating pearls and thorn beads as in photos. Refer to photos 7 8 9 and 10.

Step 1

Step 4

Now take your thread and go around this end of the base and back through the pearl bead to secure and so it sits correctly.  See photos 11 and 12. Take the thread through all the pearls and thorn beads twice more to add strength. Secure thread at the back of the base and very carefully wind in thread ends. Add a bail, beaded chain or metal chain to finish.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 5

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Remember that you can use this design to create a pendant too by just adding a jump ring and some chain! We would love to see yours on our Facebook Group. :)

Step 1