Faberge Necklace

Information about this project

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn to make this gorgeous Faberge necklace which combined with the Faberge bracelet can be worn 6 different ways.

Blend classic freshwater pearls with gorgeous yet subtle sparkle. Create a collection Audrey Heburn would love. You can mix up the elements of the necklace and braceley to create bracelets, a statement long necklace, a choker or a simple and short party necklace!

Step 1

String enough pearls on the wire to wrap around your wrist with the clasp attached.

Step 2

Attach the clasp by adding on a crimp bead, threading through clasp loop and back through crimp bead.

Step 3

Attach crimp cover and trim excess wire.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 again.

Step 5

You should have two bracelets. After this, thread 42 pearls onto another length of stringing wire. 

Step 6

Take the two bracelets you have made, open up the clasp and attach both bracelets togther and then the other ends to the necklace.

Step 7

You should have 2 clasps either side of the necklace, meeting in the middle with another. 

Step 8

You can add or remove sections of this necklace to create shorter necklaces and a choker – with a bracelet to wear with it too!