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Evergreen Kumihimo Necklace

Information about project:

Evergreen Kumihimo Necklace

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Expert


Now you have bracelet Kumiho designs down, why not try this stunning design as a necklace .This braided necklace has a stunning appearance. The tactile design is easy to wear and although it might look complex, it's actually much simpler to make than it might seem.

Step 1

Set up your kumihimo board with 4 strands of green s-lon cord from the Ever Green s-lon pack. Measure a 320 cm. length of cord. Place the middle of the cord in the center of the board, so that each end of the cord are on opposite ends of the board in a line (eg between 32-1 and 15-16).

Step 2

Repeat this 3 more times for the other cords so the board looks like the image.

Step 3

Thread on 28 square seed beads (same colour) on any of the 8 strands of s-lon cord. Do this again on another cord and then repeat this for the other colour square seed beads and then wind each strand into a bobbin.

Step 4

Create a 14cm of braiding using the traditional 8-strand kumihimo technique and don't add any beads. When you have braided the 14cms, start adding the seed beads every time you work with a strand. Bring the bead as far as it can go down the thread you are working on. If you bring it as far as you can you should find it sits underneath one of the s-lon threads.

Step 5

Continue adding beads until you have used them all.

Step 6

Keep braiding using the traditional 8-strand kumihimo technique as you did in the begining until you have created a 14cm braid.

Step 7

Secure the ends of your braid with a drop of glue and cut off and trim the ends to insert into the end caps. Now glue each end into the end caps