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Enchanted Bottle - simple Christmas Decorations for children

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Enchanted Bottle - simple Christmas Decorations for children

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Enchanted Bottle - simple Christmas Decorations for children

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Handmade Christmas decorations are a topic that many of us already live by. With all this festive chaos, the youngest are especially happy, as they proudly engage in all the Christmas preparations. In this tutorial, we have prepared DIY Christmas inspirations for children. Simple Christmas decorations that you can easily make even with a small child. Most importantly: although the decorations are simple, they are so effective that every toddler will be very proud of them! We know from experience that this decoration is especially liked by children - magic bottles, the interior of which you can freely choose & stimulate your children's imagination :)

Materials required:

  • Bottle - glass bottle with a stopper
  • Eye Pin - approx. 30mm
  • Charm or Pendant  - You need to pay attention to is its size, so that it passes through the bottle's opening. 
  • Beads - you can put any small beads on the bottom of the bottle (leftovers from previous projects would come in handy here!). Or instead of beads, you can line the bottom of the bottle with cotton wool
  • You will also need  tools - pliers to cut wire, eye pins and a thread to hang the bottle

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Step 1

Make a hole in the centre of the cork from your bottle (with a memory wire or a thicker pin).

Thread an Eye Pin through the hole. The eye of the pin will sit inside the bottle.

Step 2

Cut the pin so that it protrudes about 1cm above the cork. Turn a loop with this 1m of protruding wire (see video). You will now have a loop on both sides of the cork.

Step 3

Use pliers to open the eye that will sit inside the bottle and attach your chosen charm or pendant to it (You may want to add a small jump ring so that your charm/pendant sits lower within the bottle).

Add a small amount of beads or cotton wool to the bottom of the bottle and using a small amount of glue, secure the cork to the bottle.

Step 4

Once the glue is completely dry, attach a ribbon or cord to the loop above the cork for hanging.

Step 1