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Enchanté Ring

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Enchanté Ring

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Enchanté Ring

Difficulty: Intermediate


Forget bracelets and necklaces why not make this sparkly Enchanté ring, using 5mm sterling silver snowflake spacer beads instead.

Step 1

Start by thread 25 sterling snowflake beads onto beading wire, followed by one 5mm pearl from your glass mix and then another 25 sterling snowflake beads.

Step 2

Check that the length is correct for your desired finger by hold the wires taught and wrapping it around your finger. Add or remove snowflake beads  if necessary.

Step 3

Place a crip bead onto one end of the thread and then thread the other in the direction the wire goes naturally to make a complete circle. Pull tight and crimp.

Step 4

Thread the excess wire through a few snowflake beads and then trim off.