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Emerald Palace Bracelet

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Emerald Palace Bracelet

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Emerald Palace Bracelet

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Create an elegant bracelet with Swarovski crystal Scarabaeus green and cream pearls! Finish your design off with a sparkling regal crown charm. The perfect celebration piece for the royal wedding. Please note that this bracelet is approximately 7 inches long. If you want to make a larger bracelet, you may need more pearls. 

Step 1

Cut three lengths of elastic approx 30cm in length. Bring them together and string on a large pearl onto all of the strands.

Step 2

Now separate the strands on either side. On one of them, string three 4mm pearls. On the other two, string on two 4mm pearls and a bicone in any order. Repeat for the other side.

Step 3

Pass all of the strands on both sides, through another large pearl and repeat the pattern until you have 7 pearl clusters and finish each side with a large pearl. String on the carrier charm on one side and double knot all of the ends together. When you are happy that the knot is secure (you may wish to apply a drop of Fevi Kwik glue), trim away the tail ends and hide the knot inside the carrier charm.

Step 4

Open a jumpring and attach the charm to the carrier bead.