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Electric Rainbow Ring

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Electric Rainbow Ring

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X Beadalon Supplemax Monofilament Illusion Cord 0.6mm Clear 50m
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Electric Rainbow Ring

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this Electric Rainbow Ring using just a few of our beautiful electric rainbow seed bead mix, meaning you will have plenty left over to design some matching accessories!

Step 1

Cut a workable amount of illusion cord, approx. 20".

Step 2

Thread one bugle bead to the centre of the cord.
Thread another bugle bead onto one of the sides of cord.
Take the other side of cord and thread it in the opposite direction through this bead. 
Pull it firmly so that the two bugle beads sit adjacent to eachother. 
Continue this pattern until the pattern wraps around your finger. 
Secure the ring by threading the cords through the beads a few more times and knotting.