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'Egg Shell' Bracelets

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X- Rose Gold Plated Brass Hollow Angel Wing Charm 7x15mm Pk1
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Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these 'Egg Shell' Bracelets using Rose Gold Plated Charms and Semi Precious Beads.

Step 1

These instructions will explain how to create all three bracelets.
Cut a 40cm piece of  cord. Measure around 10cm from one end and tie a knot. Put a safety pin through the knot and attach to a bead mat. Position so the long end points towards you, and the short end points away from you. Put a dab of nail varnish on the end of your thread to make threading beads easier. Now cut another piece of shamballa style cord approx. 1m in length. It is always better to overestimate the length to make sure you don't run out of cord! Find the centre of this cord and tie around your original cord, as close as you can to the pinned knot.

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Step 2

You now need to tie a square knot. Place the left thread over the centre thread & under the right thread, making a 4-shape. Now take the right thread & post the end underneath the point that the centre and left threads cross. Bring it up through the loop & pull both your outer threads away from each other to tighten. This creates half a square knot. To complete the square knot, do the same thing starting from the opposite side. So, take the right thread over the centre & under the left, creating a D-shape. Take the left thread under the point the middle & right threads cross, & bring up through the loop. Pull tight as before. Repeat this process until you have created approx. 3 square knots, then thread a bead onto the centre thread. Bring the outer threads around the bead and continue knotting. Add 1 or 2 square knots between each bead and keep going until you have added 7-9 beads. Tie 3 square knots after the last bead.

Step 3

 Cut off the outer threads leaving approx. 2mm either side. Glue the ends to hold your knotting. When making a bracelet with the Wax Nylon Cord you can also singe the ends with a lighter, however this will not work as well with the cotton cord.
Now turn your bracelet over. If you are adding a slider, thread either end of your centre thread through the slider in opposite directions. Take a new piece of cord approx. 1m long and tie over BOTH centre threads. Tie a few square knots before the slider, then bring the cords around the slider as you did with the beads earlier. Tie another few square knots after the slider, then secure the cord by gluing or singeing as before.

Step 4

Then  thread a small bead onto each end to finish them off. Knot either end to keep the beads on. The knot with the slider should allow the two ends to slide through so you can make the bracelet larger and smaller. Find out how much you need to open the bracelet and make the ends just a little longer than this, then they won’t dangle too much when you are wearing the bracelet. Now, if making a bracelet with a charm, attach using a jump ring .