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Easy to make stretch elastic bracelet - jewellery making tutorial

Information about this project

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


Aren't these glass cabochons so cute? With all different styles you have so many to choose from. Joanne is a rabbit lover, so she went straight for the rabbit cabochons :) and created this lovely stretch bracelet. 


Semi-Precious beads - Volcanic lava round beads in 6mm black

Cat's Eye - rondelles 5x8mm in pea green and olive

Cabochon - glass cabochon 14mm rabbit themed

Tassel charm - 25mm in pistachio 

Jump rings – 5mm silver rings

Elastic - I used a 0.8mm clear elastic 



Step 1

Cut approximately 30cm of elastic, thread on 1x volcano lava bead, 2x cat's eye rondelle's and 5x volcano lava beads. 

Repeat 2x rondelle's and 5x volcano lava beads until you have reached your desired length. 

Step 2

Add on 1x volcano lava bead and 1x charm carrier. Now you need to tie a knot. Tie a surgeon's knot to secure your bracelet - view the tutorial below to show you how to create this knot. 

Step 3

For extra security add a dab of glue or clear nail varnish on to the knot. Cut off the excess elastic.

Step 4

Attach your tassel charm onto the charm carrier loop, using a jump ring. 

Step 5

Glue the cabochon into the setting, leave to dry. Then attach the cabochon onto your carrier using a jump ring. 

Step 6

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