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Easy Elastic Stretch Bracelet

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Easy Elastic Stretch Bracelet

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Stretch Magic Elastic Bead Cord 0.5mm Clear 10m
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Easy Elastic Stretch Bracelet

Difficulty: Beginner


This simple bracelet design shows you how to use elastic cord to make a really easy bracelet. You can create a bracelet like this using any manner of beads strung in any pattern, so experiment and have fun!

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You Will Need:
8mm beads

6mm beads

0.5mm elastic

Other Items (not included on 'Materials' tab as you may already have them)
Glue or clear nail varnish
elastic bracelet

Step 1

Cut a piece of elastic approx. 30cm long. Thread on your beads. You may want to tie a knot in one end of attach it to a surface using sticky tape so the beads don't come off the end as you are threading.

Step 2

Continue threading until your bracelet reaches your desired length, a comfortable fit around your wrist. I threaded 1 8mm bead followed by 1 6mm bead an continued in this pattern until my bracelet was long enough.

Step 3

Now you need to tie a knot. An overhand knot is all you need but it helps to place the end through the loop twice to give a tighter knot. See diagram.

Step 4

Complete the knot by looping over and under once, this should tighten the knot and create a double knot. Pull tight but be sure not to snap the elastic.

Step 5

For extra security add a dab of glue or clear nail varnish on to the knot.

Step 6

Cut off the excess elastic to complete your bracelet.