Druzy Wrap Bracelets

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these sparkling Druzy Wrap Bracelets using stunning druzy pendants and your favourite flat leather cord. 

Step 1

Cut approx. 13" of your chosen flat leather cord (or the amount that comfortable wraps around your wrist twice.)

Step 2

Pierce two 1mm holes at each end of the leather. This will be where the clasp and extension chains are attached (see image). 

Step 3

Attach a jumpring to each of the holes. Add two lobster clasps to one end of the leather. Add two extension chains to the other end of the leather.

Step 4

Using strong cutters, cut off any loops from your druzy pendant or connector. 

Step 5

Measure approx. 3.5" from your lobster clasps on the leather cord.
Add some drops of glue and glue on the flat side of the druzy crystal.
Leave to dry.