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Dreamcatcher Beaded Earrings

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Dreamcatcher Beaded Earrings

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Dreamcatcher Beaded Earrings

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make a delicate pair of beaded earrings with a beautiful earring base and cute rivoli settings. Follow Holly's step by step instructions below and soon you will have your very own handmade pair of earrings! Let's start making. 

Materials needed:
CrystaLove™ 3mm bicone
Silver seamless round 3mm beads
TOHO™ size 15/0 seed beads
Earring base
Jewellery thread
Jewellery needle
Bead Mat or Tray

Remember that our tutorials are designed to teach you technique and bring inspiration, so your jewellery doesn't have to look exactly like the one in the tutorial. Don't be afraid to experiment with shapes and colours!

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Designed by Holly Eve - May 2017

Step 1

Cut a length of thread measuring 30cm. Thread a needle onto each end, this makes your securing process easier than taking your needle on and off your thread. 

Step 2

Thread on your seed beads, your bicone and silver beads in the following order for the central strand:

2 x seed beads
1x bicone
4 x seed beads
1x silver 3mm round
4 x seed beads
1x bicone
4 x seed beads

Add your charm setting and pass back up through all the beads just added. Pass your thread through the loop in the earring base.

Step 3

Pass the threads back down 2 seed beads and knot your threads down the centre cord. Continue to thread down the seed beads with both threads, one after the other. Knot again and pass down to the bottom of the row. Your knots should be hidden inside the beads. Trim off the tail threads. You can add a small drop of glue to the areas you knotted to secure them. 

Step 4

Cut a new length of thread measuring 30cm. Thread a needle onto each end. Thread on your beads in the sequence below:

4 x seed beads
1 x silver 3mm round
1 x bicone
1 x silver 3mm round
4 x seed beads
1 x bicone

Pass your thread back up through the seed beads - your bicone at the bottom will be threaded sideways

Step 5

Thread both cords through the loop in the earring base on the left or right loop. 

Step 6

Repeat the process of securing your thread inside the beaded section. Add a drop of glue to the area you knotted and trim off the tail threads at the bottom. 

Step 7

Repeat the previous beaded sequence for the last strand on your dreamcatcher earrings and secure this to the other side of your central cord.  Don't forget to add a small amount of glue into the setting, to secure your bonny crystal rivoli in place. 

Step 8

Finally open the loop on the base of your earwire. Attach this to the loop at the top of your earring base. 

Step 9

We hope you had fun with this project. Please don’t forget to rate it and please do share your version of it. We would love to see how you did it Your Way!

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