Follow the instructions on how to make these gorgeous 'Divine Aquamarine' bracelet stack |

Divine Aquamarine Bracelet stack

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Divine Aquamarine Bracelet stack

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Stretch Magic Elastic Bead Cord 0.5mm Clear 10m
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Copper Beadalon Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings 20ga 9/64" 3.57mm Pk180
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Rose Gold Plated Charm Carrier 3mm Pk2
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X- Rose Gold Plated Brass Hollow Angel Wing Charm 7x15mm Pk1
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Information about project:

Divine Aquamarine Bracelet stack

Difficulty: Intermediate


Follow each of the instructions to make these gorgeous 'Divine Aquamarine' bracelets using, aquamarine semi-precious stones mixed with rose gold metal beads and charms.

Step 1

Bracelet 1

Cut 2 x 40cm pieces of cord (TC670). Loop one of the cords throught the hole of the cloud charm connector (CR450). Fold in half and make it level. Start your macrame knoting from the loop end, until a desired length is reached (half way around your wrist) not forgetting space for the sliding knot. Then secure the knot by glueing or singeing the ends. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side (make sure you do the same amount of knots so it is even). Now cut a new piece of cord approx. 30cm long and tie over BOTH sets of centre threads. Tie another few square knots (maybe about 10 complete V knots), then secure the cord by glueing or singeing the ends as before. Add the hematite beads to the ends of the dangly cords and tie a knot to secure.

Step 2

Bracelet 2

Thread onto the elastic whilst still on the reel, the metal tube (MB635). Then thread on as many Aquamarine round beads (EX3661) as you need to fit your wrist. Tie a knot and trim off the reel.

Step 3

Bracelet 3

Cut a 30cm length of satin cord (TC670). Tread on alternating the Aquamarine round (EX3661) and Rose Gold metal round (MB566) beads, until it will fit your wrist (not forgeting room for the slider knot). Now you need to do a macramé braid for your sliding knot, for instructions on how to do this see our instructions for how to make Shamballa Fashion Bracelets. Add a Rose Gold Bead to both ends and tie a double knot to each end to prevent the bead from falling off.

Step 4

Bracelet 4

Thread onto the elastic whilst still on the reel,the metal charm carrier  (F0256). Then thread 2x  Aquamarine rondelle beads (EX3659), 1x Rose Gold Nugget (MB624). Repeat the 2,1 pattern until it fits your wrist size (making sure you end on 2x Aquamarine rondelle beads. Tie a knot and trim off the reel and add on the wing charm to the charm carrier.