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Desert Rose Dual-Wear Bracelet

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Desert Rose Dual-Wear Bracelet

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Desert Rose Dual-Wear Bracelet


Learn how to make this Desert Rose Dual-Wear Bracelet using a Swarovski Crystal and Preciosa Seed Beads.

The Slider charm in this design can either be attached to a matching bracelet, or a simple rubber bracelet base.

Step 1

Pick up 32 x size 11 seed beads, join in a circle by passing through the first few beads added.

Step 2

Holding the tail thread securely, pick up 1 x size 11, skip the next bead in the circle and pass into the bead after (peyote). Repeat around to add 16 beads, and step up by passing through the first bead you added in this round.

Step 3

Peyote a row of size 15 seed beads and step up.

Step 4

To create the base, pick up 3 x size 15s and skip the next 2 size 15s, stitching into the third. Peyote 1 x size 15.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 until you have four corners. Pass through the first row of size 15s and the last row of size 11s, going through the 2 size 15s in the corner as one bead, creating a new thread path, to create a sharp corner.  Then pass through all the beads in the last 2 rows to reinforce.

Step 6

Work through the piece to exit from the outer row of size 11s. Place the stone in face up and hold in place with your thumb as you work.

Step 7

Peyote 2 x seed beads along each edge and 2 x Solo beads at each corner.

Step 8

Step up through the first Solo bead at a corner. Pick up a size 15, pass through the next Solo. Pick up a size 15, pass through the next 11. Peyote 1 x size 15, then pick up 1 size 15 and pass through next Solo. 

Step 9

Repeat Step 8 around to add size 15s all the way around. Step up through one of the size 15s along the edge.

Step 10

Peyote 2 size 15s. At the corner, pick up 3 size 15s, pass into the next 15 after the pair of Solo beads. Repeat around and reinforce if necessary to draw the bezel in.

Step 11

Pass through to the back of the bezel, exiting a bead in the 2nd row of size 11s, to one side of a corner size 11 bead (facing toward the corner). Pick up 1 x size 15, 1 x Solo and 1 x size 15. Pass through the next bead in the row.

Step 12

Stitch in the ditch by picking up a size 11, passing into the next 11 in the row. Add 3 x size 11s and then add 1 x size 15, 1 x Solo and 1 x Size 15 as before. Repeat around.

Step 13

Step up through a size 11, pick up a Solo and pass through next size 11.   Add 2 Solos on each side, at the corner pass through the size 15s and Solo. Reinforce if necessary, as you want these to remain proud.

Step 14

To create the Strap

Exit a bead in the bottom row of size 11s (on the underside) – see bead outlined in Diagram. Pick up a size 11, pass into the next bead on the row. Repeat once more.

Step 15

Work around to pass back through the bead just added. Pick up a size 11 and pass into the next bead. This is the beginning of the strap.

Step 16

Pick up a size 11, pass into the bead added in the previous step. Pass down into the next bead in the row below, pick up 1 bead, pass to the bead just exited, then back through the bead just added. This will get you in position to start the next row.Pick up a size 11 and pass into the next bead.

Step 17

Repeat Step 16 (odd count peyote) to create a strap 3 beads wide. Stop when you have 9 beads on each outer edge.

Step 18

Zip this bead to the opposite side of the bezel, using the same beads in the bottom row as on the original side.  Reinforce then work your thread into the bezel until secure and trim.

Step 19

To create the Matching Bracelet

On a good length of well-waxed thread, pick up 5 x Solo beads. Pass through all the beads again, leaving a 20cm tail.

Step 20

Pass through 3 Solo beads, pick up 4 x size 15s, then 5 x Solo beads. Pass through all the solo beads again and snug up the second flower, ensuring there is no thread showing. 

Step 21

Pass through the next 2 Solo beads, and repeat Step 20 until your bracelet is the desired length. Alternating every set of three – passing through 3 Solo beads instead of 2 will help give your bracelet some wavy shaping.

Step 22

For the clasp – pick up 7 x size 15 beads, then 5 Solos, create a flower as before, reinforcing, then pass back down the 7 x size 15 beads. Pass around the next flower and then work your way back up to the clasp and around one more time to reinforce. Work into the bracelet and work your way all the way through the bracelet.

Step 23

If you have enough thread, use your working thread to create the toggle loop, if not then use your tail thread. Pick up 31 x size 15 beads, pass back through the first 4 picked up. 

Step 24

Pass around the first flower and then back through the toggle loop to reinforce. Repeat once more, then work your thread through the bracelet. Create a half hitch knot, pass through some more beads then trim.