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'Delphine' Jewellery Set

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'Delphine' Jewellery Set

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'Delphine' Jewellery Set

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a truly stunning ocean-inspired jewellery set using a combination of semi-precious gemstone beads and Swarovski crystal sparkle.

Step 1


For the necklace, you need to create two beaded chains for either side of your necklace.

For the first chain - take one part of your toggle clasp and attach to a jumpring. Using pliers, or the One Step Looper, begin to use eyepins to create beads with a loop at either end. Do this for enough beads to create a pattern of pale, dark, pale, dark, pale, dark then crystal, pale, dark, pale, crystal etc. Use jumprings to connect the pieces together. You should have 18 beads in total on this half of your necklace.


Repeat the pattern of beads exactly as above to create the other half, using the other part of your toggle. Connect the bottom pieces of each necklace half and connect using 3 jumprings (so there is a bridge of jumprings in the centre. Using pliers, open the bail on your Agate slice to close over this section. Using 3 more jumprings, attach your Rivoli setting to the pendant bail. Glue in your crystal and allow to dry.


To create the centre drape, use eyepins as before to create a chain 5 crystals long. Using jumprings attach these to jumprings inbetween your semi-precious beads (around half way up your necklace).

Step 2


To create your wrap bracelet, cut approx. 60cms of beading wire. Attach a jumpring to one end using a crimp bead, trimming any excess wire. Attach one end of your toggle clasp to this jumpring using another. Begin to thread on your semi-precious and Swarovski crystal beads in a pattern of your choosing (we've used the pattern pale, dark, crystal).

Continue adding beads, testing the length of your bracelet for two wraps around your wrist. Finish using another crimp ad jumpring, then attach the other end of your toggle clasp. Find the central point of your bracelet when worn, and attach your Rivoli base inbetween the beads using a jumpring. Glue in your Rivoli crystal and allow to dry.

Step 3


Create matching earrings by looping eyepins (as in Step 1) to create a beaded chain. Loop a headpin for the final bead. Attach to earwires using jumprings. We've used the pattern (top to bottom) pale, crystal, dark, crystal, pale, crystal.