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Deep Sea Mysteries Jewellery Set

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"X" Silver Plated Findings Kit 10 Styles Includes Box
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X- Gunmetal Plated Zamak SS39(8mm) Round Toggle Clasp 23mm Pk1
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5000 Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds 6mm Crystal LightChrome Pk12
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X- 6228 Swarovski Crystal Hearts 10mm Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pk2
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Information about this project

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Deep Sea Mysteries Jewellery Set using the new Scarabaeus Swarovski pearls

Step 1

Necklace/Wrap Bracelet

Cut 48cm of wire, thread your wire through a calotte and crimp the wire. Close the calotte and attach an eyepin onto the end of the calotte.

Place one faceted round light chrome bead, one pearl and one scarabaeus faceted round bead. Create a loop and attach this to your clasp using a jump ring.

Now start threading on one pearl, one scarabaeus green faceted round bead and once light chrome faceted round bead, continue threading the beads onto the wire.

Attach a calotte to the end, along with your eyepin and thread the beads onto it. Attach the other end of the eyepin to your clasp using a jump ring.

To finish glue the crystal into your clasp.

Step 2


Attach your Swarovski Heart to the inside threading hole on your loop using a jump ring.

Then attach your earwire onto the loops outside threading hole.