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Daisy Chain Bracelet

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Daisy Chain Bracelet

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Transparent Amethyst Luster SuperDuo Twin Hole Beads 2m x 5mm 10g
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KO Beading Thread White 50m
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Silver Lined Clear Crystal SuperDuo Twin Hole Beads 2mm x 5mm 10g
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Antique Silver Lobster Clasp 10x18mm Pk2
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Daisy Chain Bracelet

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to create this cute little daisy chain bracelet using SuperDuo beads and seed beads with a trendy magnetic clasp. 

Step 1

Firstly cut roughly 70 cm of thread ensuring you have a tail thread. Now thread on 10 superduo beads in the purple. Pull tight and make a small knot to keep them tight. Now through the upper hole thread a seed bead on between each superduo but make sure no to place one where you will connect the strand of four superduo's in the next step. 

Step 2

Now between the two halves of the flower, there will be two superduo's and inbetween those two add a different coloured superduo and thread through the other half of your flower (purple superduo bead) to secure it. Pick up a seed bead and go through the other hole of the silver superduo, add another sd loop round through the second hole, add another and then one more looping through the upper hole through your first superduo and make a small knot. This should leave you with a flower shape and a connector of four superduo beads. Once you are out the other side add three seed beads and loop through the bottom hole of your second superduo and then through your top hole of your third superduo in the connector. Now its time to repeat step one and this step again to create another flower and connector. 

Alternate sides will have the seed beads in between the superduo flowers and around the side of the superduo connectors - this is okay, we will come back to the finishing sides in the next step. 

Step 3

Once you have enough superduo flowers and connectors to fit your wrist attach the magnetic clasp to the end of your bracelet, make sure this is between the half way line, so in between the superduo's on the end. Simply attach by threading it on it may become magnetized to your needle but push on, loop through the hole and out the other side making a small knot between some of the beads in the side that doesn't have seed beads as this will be where we fill in the gaps. As you make your way down the bracelet adding the seed bead between each petal (superduo) and three around the connectors you will reach the other end where the other half of the clasp needs to be attached in the same way as before.

Step 4

Now it is time to add the metal round beads in the centre of each flower, This is easy, you may have needed to tie off the thread from previous steps and attach more, but ensure you are on the half way line of the bracelet and add the round metal bead, make a small knot the other side to secure it, now move through the beads until you are at that point of the silver superduo connector again and add another round metal bead repeating this the whole way along until you reach the end where you can make a few small tight knots to tie of the thread and secure the whole bracelet. You should be finished. 

Remember: The bracelet ought to be symmetrical because of the imaginary half way line you should have drawn with your mind up the middle of the flowers, so there are 5 superduo petals on each side, this helps with how the bracelet is formed.