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'Dainty and Delicious' Rings

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'Dainty and Delicious' Rings

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 1mm 4metre Coil Non Tarnish
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'Dainty and Delicious' Rings

Difficulty: Intermediate


Tutorial on how to create these 'Dainty and Delicious' Rings using Multi Colour Agate Beads and Silver-Plated Wire.

Step 1

Find your ring size with a ring sizer, place the correct size ring onto a ring mandrel.

Step 2

Wrap a length of 1mm hardened silver plated wire around the mandrel above the ring size you require (rings tend to come up a little larger than expected). Wrap the wire across itself by approx 5cm in total. Hammer the ring around the mandrel with a nylon hammer to strengthen the shape.

Step 3

Trim the wire ends leaving approx 3cm of wire crossing over.

Step 4

Coil each end of the wire around the narrowest part of your round nose pliers.

Step 5

Place the ring back onto the mandrel and hammer with the nylon hammer again.

Step 6

Thread an 8mm weathered agate in your choice of colour onto 0.6mm wire.

Step 7

Wrap the end of the 0.6mm wire onto one end of the wire ring three times over the top of the ring wire and trim the tail, tuck the end in.

Step 8

Push the bead up into the gap in the ring and wrap the wire around the other end of the ring, again over the top of the ring wire.