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'Dainty and Delicious' Necklace

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'Dainty and Delicious' Necklace

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X-Silver Plated Iron Jumprings 7mm 0.8mm Thick Pk100
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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.60mm 10metre Coil
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'Dainty and Delicious' Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create this 'Dainty and Delicious' Necklace using Agate Beads, diamond shaped ring beads and Beading Wire. You can also create a set of matching earrings, bracelet and ring with the leftover beads.

Step 1

Start by laying your beads out and moving things around until you're happy with your design

Step 2

Working from the back of the necklace, thread your first bead onto the 0.6mm wire, loop the wire around your round nose pliers leaving a tail of approx 3cm.

Step 3

Hold the loop with your flat nose pliers and wrap the tail end of the wire around the main stem 3 times.

Step 4

Trim the tail with the flush cutters, push the bead up to the coil and repeat the process at the other end of the bead.

Step 5

Thread another bead onto the wire reel, make another loop, link this to the original bead link and wrap the wire 3 times around again, trimming the tail. Now wrap a loop at the other end of the bead.

Step 6

Continue this process to make a chain of beads.

Step 7

Add the agate oval to the chain with the same method.

Step 8

For the next agate oval, make a loop as before, but leave a longer tail, approx 10cm. Wrap the loop as usual, then repeat at the other end, again leaving a 10cm tail.

Step 9

Wrap the tail ends to the alternative ends of the bead, over the wrapped loop, leaving a little slack across the bead, trim the ends.

Step 10

Using your bent nose pliers, add some wave details to the wire.

Step 11

Insert a ball end headpin into the brushed silver oval from the inside, make a loop and attach this to your chain of beads by wrapping the loop. Wrap a loop at the other end with another headpin.

Step 12

With the next agate oval, thread onto the wire, make a loop and leave a tail of approx 15cm.

Step 13

Thread both ends of the wire through the bead and push the tail to one side.

Step 14

Use the main wire to make a loop, attach to the bead chain and wrap the loop as usual. Loosely wrap the tail wire around the bead and wrap it to the other end. Then, again, using your bent nose pliers, bend the wire into waves to create a cage.

Step 15

Continue to the centre of the necklace and then complete the other side with the same process and link the two halves together. Add the toggle clasp with your jump rings.