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'Dainty and Delicious' Bracelet

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'Dainty and Delicious' Bracelet

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.60mm 10metre Coil
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'Dainty and Delicious' Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create this 'Dainty and Delicious' Bracelet using Agate Beads and Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire.

Step 1

Start by laying your beads out and moving things around until you're happy with your design.

Step 2

Thread your first bead onto the 0.6mm wire, loop the wire around your round nose pliers leaving a tail of approx 3cm.

Step 3

Hold the loop with your flat nose pliers and wrap the tail end of the wire around the main stem 3 times.

Step 4

Trim the tail with the flush cutters, push the bead up to the coil and repeat the process at the other end of the bead.

Step 5

Thread the Agate bead onto the wire reel, make another loop, link this to the original bead link and wrap the wire 3 times around again, trimming the tail. Now wrap a loop at the other end of the Agate bead.

Step 6

Continue to make a chain of oval agate beads ending, as you started, with a round agate bead . To finish off, add the toggle clasp to each end with your jump rings.