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Cute Reindeer Decoration

Information about project:

Cute Reindeer Decoration

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Create this cute reindeer decoration for your Christmas tree using FIMO. This is a great way to reinvent your already existing baubles. 

Step 1

Make a flat rolled out ball of the chocolate FIMO for the reindeer's body and attach that to the back of your bauble and mould round. Now roll out four short sausage shapes and flatten one end of each and attach to the body, moulding around the bauble as arms and legs. On the ends flatten out four small balls of the caramel FIMO and place on the ends of the feet, using a spiked object make four small holes in each of the feet like buttons. 

Step 2

Now to make the head, roll out a 4 cm ball for the head and mould a snout out of the front with your fingers. Make two small ears and bend the tip slightly on one and attach to the head. Roll our a caramel FIMO ball and flatten out, place this on the snout and a smaller red ball for the reindeer's nose. Roll our two tiny balls for the eyes and place above the snout. There roll out two thin sausages of the Sahara FIMO for the antlers and make two small antler pieces for each of the larger antlers pieces and attach in-front of the ears. Now attach the head to the top of the bauble joining it at the neck on the back to the body. You may need some Fevi glue for support.