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Cuprum Surf

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Cuprum Surf

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Natural Round Leather Cord 1mm 5Metre Reel
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Cuprum Surf

Difficulty: Intermediate


This design is from our inspirations archive. As this design was created some time ago we sadly no longer stock all the products to create our design, but can still be useful for inspiration. 

Step 1

Cut about 60cm of the 2mm brown leather and 40cm of the 1mm natural leather. Fold the 2mm brown leather in half so there is a loop at one end.

Step 2

Lay down the 2mm leather cord with a toothpick in between the fold at the looped end.

Step 3

Now using the 1 mm leather 2.5cm down from the top of the loop start wrapping the leather toward the loop making 5 wraps on both sides and one on one side (loosely), pass the rest of the leather through the middle of the wraps you have made.

Step 4

Pull on both ends of the wrapped leather, then remove the toothpick. With the toothpick removed, pull tightly on the end to secure it.

Step 5

Then thread on a bead between the 2 leather cords the weave over the one  cord and thread on another bead the weave under and another bead then go over till you have 17 beads weaved on.

Step 6

Then similar to step 3 and 4 again this time start straight from the end of your bead make the wave to you wrap one cord then weave around both 5-6 wraps, then pass the rest of the leather through the middle of the wraps you have made and over the last one and then back down again.

Step 7

 Pull the end of the wrapped leather, remove the toothpick, and pull tightly to secure it. Cut off the excess 1mm cord. Place a drop of fevi kwik on the ends of each wrap just for extra security.

Step 8

Knot the ends of the 2mm leather as that the loop can go over it but stay securely on, and your good to wear your new bracelet.