Cupchain Black Snake Bracelet

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this stunning Leather and cupchain bracelet.

Step 1

Cut 2 pieces of round Eco Nappa Leather measuring 16.5cm and cut 1 piece of flat Eco Nappa Leather also measuring 16.5cm

Step 2

Using cutters, cut the cupchain so it measures approx.15cm (we have a total of 25 cups on our cupchain)

Step 3

Carefully glue the backs of the cupchain to the Flat Eco Nappa Leather. Make sure the cupchain is positioned in the centre of the flat leather allowing space for the ends to fit in the clasp

Step 4

Glue all the pieces of Eco Leather into the clasps. Once this has dried attach the chain extender to one of the end clasps with a jumpring

Step 5

Attach 2 jumprings to the other clasp and finally add the lobster clasp