Crystal Topaz Necklace |

Crystal Topaz Necklace

Step 1

Cut three lengths of chain.

1x 13 inches (or measure to fit your neck)

1x 17 inches

Step 2

Cut an arm span of wire and string on the beads to fill 6 inches. Then string on a faceted bead, a shiny sterling ball, a faceted bead and another shiny bead. Then fill out another 6 inches with shiny beads.

Step 3

Slide a calotte onto each end of wire and then a crimp bead. Pass the wire back through the calotte, squash the crimp bead, cover the crimp with the calotte and and hide the tail end of the wire inside the beads. 

Step 4

Loop a jumpring through four bicone beads and string them onto the 17 inch piece of chain

Step 5

Attach a jumpring to another bicone beads and attach it to the 13 inch piece of chain. 

Step 6

Now attach each piece to the ends with a jumpring. Connect two jumprings together on either side of the ends. Attach the jumpring to one side.