Crystal Tassel Earrings |

Crystal Tassel Earrings

Step 1

Cut 2x17mm squares from the beading foundation and felt. The foundation will be used as the front.

Using a needle and thread come up from one corner of the foundation to start applying the beads in rows, you will be threading on around 12 seed beads; making sure you keep the beads in straight rows and using a fairly tight tension. Keep sewing on the rows until the surface of your square is filled (8 rows). Tie off loose threads and apply a drop of glue to secure.

Step 2

Now we need to sew on the tassels. Create your tassels making a tassel maker or attach ready made ones. Stitch on 3 tassels to the bottom edge of each square, pass the needle through the top part of the tassel, going over it 3-4 times. Use a loose stitch to for the right amount of drape.

We are aiming to glue the eye pins between the backing and front and you may need to cut off some of the length using wire cutters as we only need the loop from the pin to attach the earring finding to our embroidered squares. Use as much of the eye pin as you can though as it will make it more secure; so only cut off any length that would poke out of our squares.

Step 3

Glue the eye pins ensuring that the loop is now above the foundation and the length of the remaining pin is applied to the beading foundation. Make sure the pins are centred. Tie off loose threads and apply a small amount of glue.

Now glue the foundation and backing together. You should have the eye pin loop showing proud from the top of each square. Do not try and attach the earring finding and squares together until the glue is fully cured. Glue on your cabochons to your ear studs and dry at the same time. When fully dried attach both parts using the smallest jump ring you can (ideally 3 or 4mm) or that which fits your chosen components; add on the ear wire.