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Crystal Skulls Bracelet

Information about project:

Crystal Skulls Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make these chinese crystal bead bracelet with titanium plated and gold plated skull charms, which you can stack all at once on your arm.

We have made 3 bracelets in the following 3 sizes:  Small, Medium and Large

The smallest of the three bracelets is supposed to sit at the base of the wrist and the largest will sit furthest up the wrist.



Step 1

For the small bracelet: Cut approx. 25cm of elastic cord. Thread on 21 Amethyst crystals on to the elastic.  Thread on the charm carrier and knot the elastic. Instructions on how to knot elastic can be found on the back of the reel.  For extra security add a dab of nail varnish on to the knot. Cut of any excess.  Hide the knot in inside the carrier. Attach a jumpring to the carrier and then attach the gold plated skull bead.

Step 2

For the medium bracelet:Cut approx. 27cm of elastic cord. Thread on 22 Purple crystals on to the elastic. Then repeat the remaining of the sequence from step 1 but add a titanium plated skull instead of a Gold Plated Skull.