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Crystal Rainfall Choker

Step 1

Take your cup chain and secure the end crystal to the starting end of your choker base. Wire wrap around the choker base and include the crystal, wrapping tightly to secure it in place. 
Continue to wire wrap 3 times between each crystal on the cup chain.
Once you have secured enough cup chain along the length of the choker, cut the chain and secure the end. 

Step 2

Create 11 charms to hang as the droplets on your choker. 
Thread your chosen beads, crimp beads and crystals onto each crystal headpin.
Trim and loop the headpin above the bead.
To position the montee beads facing forwards, add a drop of glue to the headpin and hold the montee in place, add a little more glue to hold it in place securely. 

Step 3

Attach jumprings in place between the three central cup chain crystals, and at intervals out to each side of the choker. 
Attach the headpins to the jumprings and close securely.