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Crystal Plume Necklace

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Crystal Plume Necklace

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Preciosa Twin Hole Seed Beads Copper Lined Crystal Clear 2.5x5mm 10g
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / bicone / 6mm / royal blue / transparent / 48pcs
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CrystaLove™ crystals / glass / bicone / 8mm / royal blue / transparent / 40pcs
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Crystal Plume Necklace

Designed by: Anne Waller

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this gorgeous Crystal Plume Necklace using Bicones and Twin Hole Seed Beads.

Equipment Needed

Note: You will need a Whammer Hammer to create the copper tassels. It is possible to adjust the design by adding beaded or cord tassels, or omit the tassels and just add a metal spacer bead to the base of the drops. The filigree drop charm has been added to the list of materials as an alternative to the whammered copper tassels. However, if you want to work with wire in your designs I can highly recommend this tool; it is well worth the investment.
I have really enjoyed my first Design Team Challenge. I wanted to create something to fully showcase these beautiful quality bicones. They are so gorgeous and need very little embellishing. Combining with copper and rose gold really makes the grey-blue colour sing out. They would also look equally good with silvers for a cooler more subtle effect.

Happy Beading, Anne x.

Step 1

Materials: 10mm bicone X 1, 8mm bicone X1, 6mm bicones X9, Preciosa Twins approx. 5g, TOHO Treasures approx. 2g, 0.8mm copper wire approx. 50cm. From the Findings Kit: 4mm spacer beads X9, headpins X 8, eyepin X 1, 2mm crimp beads X 4, clasp, jump rings X 2, calottes X 2, beading cable approx. 60cm.

Make one tasselled drop in the same way as the Plume earrings steps

Thread 8 headpins with a 4mm spacer and an 8mm bicone and make wrapped loops.

Step 2

Cut a length of bead cable, approx. 60cm, and thread with the Preciosa twins and treasures, alternating one twin bead and two treasures along the length until you have approx. 33 twins along the strand. Use a stopper bead or crimp to prevent the beads sliding off, but do not add permanent fixings yet.

Now start adding the drops. Continue the same sequence with the seed beads, spacing the drops with 2 twins between each drop loop. Note: The loops of the drops will slide over and sit on the top of the small treasures.

Continue adding the seed beads up the other side, matching the left and right sides.

Step 3

Test the necklace length and add or remove a few seed beads from each side until happy with the length. Note: Allow approx. 4cm for the clasp fixings in your adjustments.

Add a crimp bead and a 4mm spacer bead, pass the cable through a calotte. Add another crimp and pass the cable back down and through the bead and first crimp plus a couple of the twins. Adjust the cable and tighten the crimp beads to secure. Close the calotte to hide the crimp and trim the cable close. Repeat on both sides.

Step 4

Curl the calotte loops enclosing a jump ring. Open one of the jump rings and add the clasp to one side.

Note: When turning the calotte loop curl it right back and in on itself to make it more secure.

In this version I have not utilised the second hole on the twin beads. I rather like the texture, sparkle and movement that they give.

Step 5

We hope you enjoyed creating Anne's beautiful creation. Please don’t forget to rate it and please do visit any of our social media pages to share your finished piece. We would be delighted to see how you did it Your Way!

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