Crystal Pink Bow Necklace |

Crystal Pink Bow Necklace

Information about project:

Crystal Pink Bow Necklace

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Create a sparkling crystal necklace with Swarovski sew on bow charms at the centre. Use rose gold findings to match your pink charms and add some extra sparkle.

Step 1

Connect the small bows to the larger bows using jump rings.

Cut x2 pieces of wire, both approx. 25cm.

Take one and thread a crimp onto one end, loop it through a jump ring and back through the crimp, leaving a few millimetres of wire to spare.

Crimp in place with pliers and trim the wire.

Step 2

Thread your beads onto your wire into any pattern you like!

I threaded the beads in the following order : rondelle, bicone, rondelle, pearl x2, bicone, rondelle, bicone, pearl x2, rondelle, bicone, rondelle, pearl x2, bicone, rondelle, bicone, pearl (repeat x6) pearl x5

Step 3

Once all your beads are added thread a crimp onto the wire, go through one part of the toggle and back through the crimp.

Use pliers to crimp into place and trim the excess. The end can be threaded into the previously added bead for a neat finish.

Repeat on the other side of the bows with the other piece of wire – ensuring the beads are threaded the same as the other strand.

Finish like on the other side, adding it to the other part of the toggle.

Your necklace is now ready to wear.