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Crystal Orb Turquoise Silk Earrings

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Difficulty: Beginner


Beautiful new 'Crystal Orbs' are the latest must-have item to arrive in stock! 

Create your very own "Crystal Orb" earrings, and prepare to sparkle!

Follow the simple steps to make these gorgeous 'Crystal Orb' turquoise silk earrings, using Acrylic orbs with sawrovski rivoli crystals.

Step 1

On a head pin place 1x large silver ball, 1x acrylic orb, 1x large silver ball. loop to close the head pin. Repeat this 3 more times.

Step 2

Trim the ends off 3 of the extension chains, cut 1 of them in  half the size.  Attach the same colour orb to the same size chain.

Step 3

Attach a chain of each colour to a large jumpring and earwire hook.