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Crystal Orb Mulberry Bracelet

Information about this project

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Beautiful new 'Crystal Orbs' are the latest must-have item to arrive in stock! 

Create your very own "Crystal Orb" bracelet, and prepare to sparkle!

Step 1

Cut a piece of leather approx. 20cm and cut your silk in half. Take the end of the leather plus each strand of silk.
Fold the ends of the cord over and and attach the cord end to it.

Step 2

Do 7 complete macramé knots with the silk. Thread a bead onto leather and do one complete knot. Repeat this once.

Step 3

Add the third (last bead) and do 7 more macramé knots. Trim the cord and attach the cord end.

Step 4

 Attach the toggle clasp to the cord ends.

Step 5

Glue in your Rivoli crystal to complete.