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Crystal Nugget Kumihimo Bracelet

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Crystal Nugget Kumihimo Bracelet

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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) Cream
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Crystal Nugget Kumihimo Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Watch the video to help you make this Kumihimo bracelet using 2 types of seed beads, round size 8 and fringe beads to give it extra depth.

If  you have not created a kumihimo braid before you will also need: Kumihimo braiding disk and No Tangle Bobbins.

Step 1

Cut 4 x 1.5m strands of s-lon and set up your board for an 8 strand braid. The middle of each strand should cross over the centre of your board.

Step 2

Thread on and equal amount of chips on to each of the strands.

Step 3

Create a 3/4 of a centimeter of unbeaded braid then add a bead each time you work with a strand. When you reach the desired length create another 3/4 of a centimeter of unbeaded braid.

Step 4

Before taking off the board add a dab of glue on the treads and then cut off and trim so the it will fit into your clasp.

Step 5

Glue the ends in to the cord ends and attach to each part of the clasp using a jumpring (3-5mm).