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Crystal Lacelet Bracelets

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Crystal Lacelet Bracelets

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Crystal Lacelet Bracelets

Difficulty: Intermediate


This simple yet effective seed bead pattern creates a stunning lace-like bracelet that requires no stitching or findings! As a twist on the original 'Lacelet', this design uses larger seed beads and incorporates Swarovski crystal chatons.

The materials for this tutorial cover all 3 colours of Lacelet shown in the photograph. Please edit them before adding to your basket if you only wish to make one colour. Please feel free to swap the colours to create your own unique bracelet. This design requires 2 colours of Size 6 seed beads (Mentioned as Colours A and B).

Step 1

In this tutorial, we will refer to the outer seed beads as Colour B and the main, central seed beads as colour A. This can be applied to your own choice of seed beads.

To begin this bracelet, cut approximately 5 feet of your invisible cord. Thread on one seed bead of either colour and thread it to the middle point of your cord. Pull both ends of the cord through a 6mm (approx.) glass pearl and push to the bottom.

From here, thread on 2 Colour A onto the 'right' strand of cord, and 1 onto the 'left' strand of cord. Pass the left cord through the last bead added on the right strand of cord and pull tight. Repeat this once.

Step 2

Thread on 1 x Colour A bead and 4 x colour B beads onto the right hand strand of cord. Push to the bottom and loop the cord back through the first added colour B bead in an 'O' shape. Pull tight. This should form a loose cross shape. Repeat this exact step on the left hand cord. 

Thread on 2 Colour A onto the 'right' strand of cord, and 1 onto the 'left' strand of cord. Pass the left cord through the last bead added on the right strand of cord and pull tight. Repeat this once.

 Continue the above pattern until your bracelet is the desired length. We created approx. 11 loops on our lacelets.

Step 3

To create your clasp to finish, thread approximately 8 seed beads onto the right hand side of the cord.

Pull the left hand side cord back through all of these seed beads. Pinch tightly and check that your clasp bead fits through the seeded loop. Do not force it. If it doesn't go through easily, go back and add more seeds until the right tension is created with the clasp loop.

Pull and double knot to finish. Carefully trim the cord. You may wish to add a dab of clear nail varnish to keep the knots secure. 

Step 4

To add the crystal embellishment, cut a piece of invisible thread approx. 30 inches long. Thread through just under the seed bead loop and centre the thread. Work each end of the thread through until you reach the last bead in colour A on the top row. Leave one end here, and work the other thread through colour B, around the edge and through the other 2 beads of colour B. Cross the threads through one hole on the Swarovski chaton. Take each thread back through 2 beads of colour B, opposite to the ones they came out of. This should create an X shape.

Step 5

Now one thread should be exiting colour B on one side from the top row of one 'loop' pointing down, and the other should be exiting the bottom row of one 'loop' pointing up. Taking the thread that is pointing up, work it back up to one side of the central bead of colour A. Thread down through the hole in the Swarovski chaton to keep it from twisting around. Now work the threads through to the next loop and repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have added a crystal to each loop. To finish, work the threads through until the exit the same beads and tie in a knot. Add a dab of glue to secure the knot, hide it inside a bead and cut off excess thread.