Crystal Fire Necklace | New Swarovski Innovations |

Crystal Fire Necklace | New Swarovski Innovations

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Crystal Fire Necklace | New Swarovski Innovations

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 6mm Amethyst Pk24
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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 2g Tube
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Black Round Leather 2mm Cord 5metre Reel
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X Black Large Feather Charm 75mm Pk6
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X Rose Gold Plated 5 Strand Ends 8x18mm 1xPair
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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 6mm Tangerine Pk24
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Crystal Fire Necklace | New Swarovski Innovations

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Crystal Fire Necklace inspired by the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 innovations - The Balance of Nature. This striking design uses a mixture of matching Swarovski bicones, faceted rounds and charm beads.

Step 1

Cut 6 lengths of leather cord measuring approx. 8" each.
Attach three of these cords together using a rose gold end cap at each end.
Repeat this for the other three cords, securing them together with an endcap at either end. 
Once your glue has dried and the cords are secured in the end caps, attach a jumpring to one endcap and then add a lobster clasp. Add a jumpring to the other side of your necklace where the two sections of leather will join together. 
Connect these two sections of leather together using a larger jumpring. (see main image)

Step 2

Take 3 lengths of wire measuring approx. 5" and pass each one through its own calotte from your findings kit. Thread on a crimp bead and thread back down throught the calotte, missing the crimp bead. Squash the crimp bead and press the calotte closed over it. 
Thread your beads on in the order in the image covering the small tail of wire that went through the calotte.
Secure the beads onto the wire in the same way using calottes and crimp beads from your findings kit. 
Attach these three strands of beads to your 5 strand rose gold ends with loops. 
Roll the calotte hook on itself to secure it. Do this for both sides of the beads so they are secured inbetween the two rose gold ends. 
Connect one side of this beaded section to the jumpring on your leather necklace. 

Step 3

Take a rose gold eyepin and thread through one side of your smaller Swarovski pave ring. Thread on a 4mm faceted round bead, a 6mm bicone and another faceted round. Thread throught the other side of the pave ring and loop the other end of the eyepin.
Connect this to one end of the beaded section you just created. 

Step 4

Take a second rose gold eyepin and thread on through one side of the larger Swarovski pave ring. Thread through your Swarovski panther bead and a faceted round bead. Thread through the other side of the pave ring and loop the eyepin above it.
Connect this to the other side of the ring charm you just added to the necklace. (see main image for ordering)

Step 5

Create the base of your necklace using another of your rose gold 5 loop ends. Connect the single loop to the last pave ring section you added. 
Make two beaded charms to dangle within your feather charms. 
Take a rose gold headpin and thread on a 4mm faceted round, an amethyst bicone, a tangerine bicone, a rose gold faceted round and a 4mm faceted round. Trim and loop the pin.
Repeat this once more. 

Using jumprings, attach a feather charm to the first, third and fifth loop on the rose gold end. 
To the two loops inbetween attach your two beaded charms.