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Crystal Earth Bracelet

Step 1

Create each of your charms by threading your chosen beads onto headpins. Trim and loop the headpin and attach to a jumpring.
To make your double sided crystal charms, add a drop of glue onto one side of your gold charm setting. Press in a flat back crystal and repeat for the other side. 
(See image for the charm pattern)

Step 2

Cut 5 lengths of cord measuring approx. 9" each.
Create a knot on either side of the centre point on a length of cord, make these 2 knots approx. 1" apart.
Make another knot 1" from these knots on either side of the leather so you have 4 knots.
Repeat this for all 5 strands of leather.
Attach your jumprings with charms on to these knots. 

Step 3

Cut a short length of brown leather cord measuring 1.5". Slot this sideways and glue into one side of your clasp.
Measure your wrist and trim your 5 cords so that they allow for the 1-2cm clasp.
Glue your cords into the clasp and repeat this on the other side. 
See image for how to glue your leather into your clasp.