Crystal Connector Bracelets

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Designed by: Laura Bajor

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these Crystal Connector Bracelets using a sparkling Swarovski Crystal flat back and a stunning Swarovski infinity crystal.

Step 1

Goldstone oval connector bracelet - 

Cut approx. 10" of cord.
Knot one side of the cord onto the connector, add a drop of glue to secure if you want.
Thread your beads on in your desired order. 
When you have reached the length of bracelet you want, knot the other side onto the connector. 

Step 2

Tube Bracelet - 
Trim your tube to size.
Glue your flat back into the holder.
Glue the gold plated holder into each side of the tube.
Make sure you can pull the bracelet over your hand as the bracelet doesn't have a clasp. 

Step 3

Infinity charm bracelet- 

Cut 2 lengths of cord measuring approx. 10" each.
Knot each cord onto one side of the infinity charm.
Thread your beads on in the desired order onto each side of cord.
When you have reached the desired length of bracelet, you can either knot the two cords together or add a clasp.
Secure with a drop of glue