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Crystal Blush Bracelet

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Crystal Blush Bracelet

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81601 Swarovski Crystal Bow BeCharmed Garnet/Vintage Rose 14mm Pk1
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TOHO™ / Round 11/0 / Galvanized / Pink Lilac / 10g
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TOHO™ / Round 8/0 / Transparent Frosted / Rosaline / 10g / ~ 300 pcs
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TOHO™ / Round 8/0 / Ceylon / Peach Cobbler / 10g / ~ 300 pcs
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Magnetic clasp / copper / round / 14x9.5x9.5mm / silver / 3.5mm hole / 1pcs
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Crystal Blush Bracelet

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


Fans of Kumihimo will find it easy to learn how to make this beautiful Crystal Blush Bracelet using Toho size 8 seed beads and a gorgeous Swarovski Becharmed Crystal Bead! Ready? Let's get Creative!

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Designed by Leah Connolly - March 2015

Step 1

Cut 8 strands of S-Lon cord approx. 50cm long. Tie all the threads together in a loose knot in the centre. Thread on the Becharmed bead.

Step 2

Place the knot through the centre of the Kumihimo braiding board. Let the ends dangle down, the knot underneath the Becharmed bead should keep it in place.

Step 3

Set up the Kumihimo board for a normal 8 strand braid (one strand either side of each dot).

Step 4

Thread 15 seed beads of your choice on one strand and knot to keep in place. Working clockwise, move to the next strand and thread 15 seed beads on, then knot. Work around the board in this way until you have 15 beads on each strand.

Step 5

Start braiding, using each strand once without any beads to begin (this should sit inside your Becharmed bead). Now start adding your beads, adding a bead to every strand. If you haven't added beads to a braid before click here to see our related videos.

Step 6

Braid until you have used all the beads. Create 0.5-1cm unbeaded braid, then knot all the threads together.

Step 7

Place your beaded section down through the Kumihimo disk. Set up for braiding as before, threading on beads in the same way. Braid in the same way as the other side.

Step 8

You should now have 2 beaded sections with the Becharmed bead in the centre. Make sure the knots at the end are tight, and the unbeaded braid and knot will be hidden inside your clasp. If necessary adjust the knot to ensure a tidy finish. Glue the ends into each end of the clasp. As the clasp is larger than the S-Lon braiding, the knots will help it to adhere.