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Crystal Bliss Earrings | Star Make

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Crystal Bliss Earrings | Star Make

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1122 Swarovski Rivoli 12mm Crystal F Pk1
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Crystal Bliss Earrings | Star Make

Difficulty: Beginner


Use gorgeous faceted crystal drops and Swarovski crystal rivolis to create this red carpet inspired earring set. The contrast of colours is so on trend and these are perfect for a glam night on the town.

Step 1

Glue in your Rivoli into the earring base. Add a jumpring to the bottom hole. Attach a further two jumprings to the jumpring we just added.

Step 2

Onto 30cms of wire, starting on a seed bead, add 7 crystal drops with a seed in between each. When you reach your last crystal drop, add a crimp bead, seed, crystal drop. Thread back up through the crimp bead and crush it to hold your beads in place. Crimp the top of the wire flush to a jumpring. Attach this jumpring to one we previously added to the bottom of our earring base.

Step 3

Cut your cupchain so you have 11 crystals. Attach a cupchain end to each end. Attach to the rivoli base (on the seond jumpring we added). Add a jumpring to the bottom and wire wrap a crystal drop onto it.

Step 4

Repeat for the other earring using different colour crystal drops, for the contrasting look.