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Crystal Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

Information about project:

Crystal Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

Designed by: Vicki

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Crystal Amethyst Wrap Bracelet using stunning Swarovski crystal flat backs and beautiful new flat leather cord.

Step 1

Cut a length of leather that can wrap around your wrist 4 times plus 2 more inches. 

Step 2

Thread one end of your leather through silver stopper/slider bead. Pass through the smaller hole on your buckle clasp and back towards the slider bead. Add some glue into this bead and secure the end of the leather inside. 

Step 3

Glue one of your amethyst Swarovski flat back crystals into the buckle clasp. 
Glue two of your crystals onto either side of your charm carrier and link this to your buckle clasp using a larger jumpring. 

Step 4

To secure and wear your bracelet, wrap the leather around your wrist and pass it through the buckle, under the stem in the buckle and back through the buckle. Pull this end of the cord to tighten it.